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Mobile Fleet Services in Boise, Idaho

Preventative vehicle maintenance keeps costs down, but spending time at service appointments doesn’t. Your employees have work to do; they don’t have time to wait around in a service center. Skipping general maintenance, however, can lead to bigger problems down the road.

Roadz Mobile Tire keeps your fleet on task with tire checks, repairs, brake service, oil changes, windshield wiper replacements, and more at your office, worksite, or anywhere else your trucks need to be.  

Mobile Brakes, and Oil Changes for Fleet Vehicles

We make it easy to have your whole fleet worked on. Brake problems? Stay where you are, we come to you. From windshield wipers to air filter replacements and oil changes to filter changes we go above and beyond for our fleet customers. Our goal is to take care of the vehicles while drivers continue their workday. We take the hassle out of keeping a maintenance schedule so that your fleet vehicles remain safely on the road.

Fleet Tire Replacement 

Fleet trucks often encounter worksite hazards like nails, screws, scrap metal, and other debris that can damage tires. When these objects puncture the tire’s sidewall, it is done for. We will swap out the unrepairable tire in a flash.

Other reasons for tire replacement include

● High mileage with low tread depth
● Uneven wear causing vibrations and safety concerns
● Bulges that indicate internal damage
● Expired DOT approval
Keep your fleet safe throughout Boise’s winters with a dedicated set of snow tires. Our experienced technicians will switch them back to all-weather tires in early spring to navigate the muddy conditions, optimizing safety for your drivers in any season. In all cases, we save you the time it would have taken to drive to a shop and wait out the tire change - valuable time for a fleet truck!
Routine tire rotation is essential to prevent premature or uneven wear on your fleet's tires. Our dependable tire maintenance services make it easy to stay on top of rotations, ensuring optimal performance. This extends the life of your tires, reducing replacement costs in the long run. Ultimately, proper rotations mean safe and smooth rides for your drivers with consistent traction and tire integrity.
Unknowingly driving a fleet truck on low-pressure tires can quickly become dangerous, especially with a heavy load. We eliminate the guesswork of knowing when the tires are low by installing air pressure sensors for your fleet. These sensors alert drivers to low-pressure situations, preventing accidents.
Fleet trucks and vehicles spend more time on the road than personal use vehicles and that opens them up to more opportunities for trouble. While scheduled preventative maintenance, including tire rotation and installing the TPMS, goes a long way to prolong the life and safety of the tires, emergencies like a flat tire or a blowout cannot be planned for. We offer our prompt and trusted emergency roadside assistance for our fleet customers, providing peace of mind.
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With even more mobile services available, including stem repair and balancing tires, the choice is easy. Call Roadz Mobile Tire at 208-809-1800 or click below to fill out a form to set up your fleet account today.
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